What is a 7-zone cold fluff mattress? March 26, 2019 March 26, 2019 JennaBleak

Cold fluff mattresses are, as the name already suggests, made of cold fluff. In detail, it concerns a special plastic mixture and this is manufactured on petroleum basis. The various chemical substances are joined together and self-foaming. The foam will solidify within a few minutes. Due to the high-quality cold fluff core, the mattresses have a long service life and are very resilient. In addition, cold fluff mattresses are breathable, dimensionally stable and point elastic. In the trade, mattresses are offered in different sizes and with different lying areas. Generally, all cold fluff mattresses have a high point elasticity.

The mattresses give only in the places where they are burdened by the body. This allows the heavier body parts, such as the hips or shoulders, to sink comfortably. Because of this feature, many cold fluff mattresses are divided into 7 different lying zones. In the trade, there are also models with 3, 5 and 9 lying areas. A 7-zone cold fluff mattress has a total of 7 different lying areas and can, therefore, be optimally adapted to the individual parts of the body. The lying areas are also called hardiness zones. They ensure that the different levels of stress caused by the body are reliably compensated.

How is a 7-zone cold fluff mattress constructed?

The structure of a 7-zone cold fluff mattress corresponds to a conventional cold fluff mattress. Inside the mattress is a thick core of cold fluff. This is surrounded by a Schaumstoffummantelung. The mantle consists of different foam layers and these have a different density and thickness. The layers are interrupted by different air channels and air chambers. These are responsible for the very good air circulation. The mattress cover is usually made of ecological materials, such as sheep’s wool or horsehair. Buy Tucson mattress now at Amerisleep.

The 7-zone cold fluff mattress is divided into 7 different zones. The head-neck zone has a hard suspension, preventing the head from sinking into the mattress. This prevents overstretching of the neck muscles and kinking of the wrists. Shoulder Zone is the softest section of the 7-zone cold fluff mattress. Upper arms and shoulders can sink in deeply. This prevents pressure points and prevents circulatory disorders.