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In addition to the well-tried spring mattresses and cold fluff mattresses are among the best-selling mattresses – and not without reason: The cold fluff mattress, which belongs to the group of foam mattresses, convinced by numerous advantages and is also available in various variants, so basically for every consumer the right mattress exists, But which models did particularly well in the comparison of cold fluff mattresses?

Structure of a cold fluff mattress

The construction of a cold fluff mattress is far less complex than that of a spring mattress – nevertheless, the cold fluff mattress promises excellent lying and optimal air circulation.

The mattress core consists of the eponymous cold fluff. This is the result of polyurethane foaming – the synthetic polyurethane is made from the chemical components isocyanate and polyol (plastic resins). These polyols are obtained in part from vegetable oils, rapeseed oils or synthetically. Although these are not exclusively natural materials, the substances contained in them, and of course the cold fluff itself, are completely harmless to health. Foaming is achieved by using air at low temperatures without the application of heat, which gives the cold fluff its name – unlike hot foam, which is formed at high temperatures using various chemical gases.

For the production of a cold fluff mattress, the raw material is either placed in a foaming mold and then foamed using CO2 as a blowing agent or water. After this process, the cold fluffs dry and harden before they are processed into a mattress. They are – depending on requirements, density, density and other characteristics – composed of different forms before they form the core of the cold fluff mattress.

However, the cold fluff mattress is still not finished at this point because the cover and the coat of the mattress are missing. The jacket consists of several layers of foam, which are characterized by a different thickness and density. These ensure optimum air circulation in conjunction with individual layers of air chambers and air ducts. For the manufacture of the mattress cover ecological materials are often used to compensate for the chemically produced core – very popular materials for mattress covers are virgin wool or horsehair. Are you looking for Houston tx mattress? Do not miss to visit our site.