Orthopedic mattresses

There are many requirements for a mattress. Of course, the most important thing is that the mattress should not only be comfortable but also good for the body. Many people have to deal with back pain or other complaints – the reason for this may be the wrong mattress. This is where orthopedic mattresses come into play. However, these are not only a good choice in advanced age, because a healthy and restful sleep is important for every person. But what does such a mattress really matter? Here we show you the criteria by which you can find the best orthopedic mattress for yourself.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

One speaks here also of a medical mattress, also the term healthy mattresses one often hears. But what is behind it? What must a good orthopedic mattress bring? When are mattresses orthopedic? And for whom are orthopedic mattresses suitable?

For this purpose, it must first be clarified what orthopedics is all about. The goal is to prevent and heal functional and form defects of the musculoskeletal system. An orthopedic mattress can not cure such discomfort, but it can prevent and relieve it. Especially people who have discomfort in the joints, muscles, tendons or bones can benefit from such mattresses. But in itself, an orthopedic mattress is suitable for every person and also useful because they can provide good body support and a comfortable lying. But may actually every mattress call orthopedic or is there a specific requirement? If you are looking for Mattress Washington Square, do visit our online store for the best collection.

Not every mattress meets the criteria of an orthopedic mattress. To be so called, such a back-friendly mattress must support the spine in every sleeping position as possible and favor ergonomically correct storage. Zoning also plays an important role here, because such a mattress must have at least five to a maximum of seven zones, which are adapted to the different body configurations. Circulatory disorders should also be avoided and muscle tensions alleviated. Orthopedic mattresses are also known for high point elasticity.

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Various types of cold fluff and qualities

Today, about two out of three mattresses are polyurethane, which is almost always a cold fluff mattress. Of course, the different types of cold fluff differ in price – and, more importantly, in quality. Less rigid cold fluffs are cheaper, but also have a much shorter life. The most common size of cold fluff mattresses is 140 x 200, but also the cold fluff mattress 90×200 cm is a common size; if a mattress has a width of 140 cm and a length of 200 cm. In general, models made of cold fluff with a width between 80 and 200 centimeters are available. If you choose two mattresses for a double bed instead of a continuous foam mattress 160, 180 or 200 x 200, so that both partners are comfortable, you should pay attention to the height of the models. At the same height, an uncomfortable step between the mattresses is avoided. Our online store is known as best Scottsdale mattress.

How do you recognize a good cold fluff mattress?

If a cold fluff mattress has the following features, one can be sure that the quality of the cold fluff mattress is of high quality.

  • 3D cube cut: The core of a cold fluff mattress can have a two-dimensional profile, for example, a wave or ball cut, or a three-dimensional cube cut (3D profile). If the cold fluff mattress has a 3D profile, this leads to a better adaptation of the body.
  • The density: This indicates how the quality and longevity of the mattress are designed.
  • Compressive Hardness: This is a measure of the hardness of a mattress. The mattress hardness is directly proportionate to compression. In addition, the cold fluff mattress comes in high compression hardness rather in their original state, if you change the sleeping position.
  • With the mattress height, one differentiates between the total height of the mattress and the height of the mattress core. A high-quality mattress should have a total height of about 20 to 24 cm.
  • Core height: The higher the core height of the mattress, the sooner it will react to pressure. The core height must be in between about 14 cm and 19 cm so that the body does not sink in and is supported in the appropriate places.